Galletto on the spit

Cooking time

40-45 minutes



2 people


  • Galletto Vallespluga
  • oil
  • salt
  • spices to taste


It can be an electric spit inside an oven or even a manually turned skewer over live fire inside a beautiful fireplace. In the first case, in the oven, it is advisable to place a dripping pan with a finger of water on the bottom of the oven to collect the grease that drips without it making smoke. From time to time brush the Galletto (well fixed with the appropriate tips on the spit) with a little oil, salt and aromas. The cooking time is about 45 – 50 minutes, to be checked according to the power of the grill. If the fireplace is used, keep the Galletto by the side and not directly above the flame, giving the spit a regular rotation.